People do not just want to buy. They also want to believe. Evolution Strategy can help build a community of believers for your company and open doors on new ways to do business. We start by finding your genuine, ownable difference – a difference that your customers want.

Without clearly defining a meaningful distinction between a product or service and its competition, people will choose based on cost or convenience. Even if your customer has been satisfied previously, it does not mean they are fully committed. Whether we realize it or not, people are always searching for things to make their lives easier or happier. Creating and communicating a brand that people can trust time and time again takes evolution and the ability to remain flexible to the changing needs of your customers.

Through research, facilitation, strategic planning and creative development, Evolution Strategy helps its clients discover its difference and even create or foster a company culture to support the foundation for why the company is in business (and honestly, make the work more fun).

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We wish we could say that there was premeditated plan of how Evolution Strategy came to be and that it was the founder’s longtime vision that eventually came to
life. But instead of chasing a dream, the dream actually found Heather Schueppert.
She started her career at Leo Burnett in Chicago, which was an unbelievable first job in an incredible city. She credits Burnett for who she is professionally today. After achieving a resume-popping list of accomplishments (global brand launches, multi-million dollar new business wins), she probably took on one of the most difficult marketing challenges ever – getting people to believe in an idea without getting anything in return (otherwise known as non-profit fundraising).

Some time later, with many former colleagues, classmates and clients calling for strategic advice, she officially opened Evolution Strategy’s doors. What organically started as a “sure I would be happy to review that for you” effort has now blossomed into a powerhouse marketing consulting business with four offices and a network of professionals to meet any branding and marketing need. Clients quickly found that they could trust our knowledge and capabilities, and would regularly return if not work with us continuously for more insight, planning and direction. No matter how big or small, we discover the significant reasons and ways to make people believe.



Heather Schueppert is a classically trained brand strategist, researcher and communications specialist. As a 20-year veteran in marketing, she excels at uncovering the hidden truths of a company’s opportunities and challenges, and develops relevant strategies and messaging to drive a company’s mission forward. Despite a trusted number of years in the business, she believes in the quality of work over quantity, so continually strives to keep abreast of the latest methodologies and avenues to build the client’s business.

While every account has Schueppert at the helm, we realize that every client and
every project has a different set of needs. So Evolution Strategy has built a highly credible network of marketing professionals, who are specifically assigned to the
team based solely on the client need. We work together seamlessly and always keep the client’s need a top priority. We are proud to have specialists in the following
areas of expertise:



Yes, we have a great reputation, unparalleled resources and achieve results. It is for those reasons why clients initially choose us. But when you work with Evolution Strategy even for a short time, you realize why we are truly different.

We believe in what we do. We are team who truly respects the industry of marketing and understands how to harness its power to play a vital role in a company’s success and its employees’ culture. We also care about who are clients are, what their business is trying to achieve and the difference we can make when hired for a project. This is not a job or a career – it’s a passion.

Most importantly, we practice what we preach. Evolution Strategy is just like any other business and has had to evolve, change, adapt and sometimes revolutionize they way we think, work and communicate. Never have we ever had to make a recommendation to a client that we have not had to consider for ourselves. So in a way, we are the best case study that we can share with clients.