We know how to make an impact – together.

Evolution Strategy Partners is a different kind of private equity firm with a unique approach and innovative way to conduct business.

We stay engaged and empower the company leaders to untap
the true potential of themselves, their team, and the business.

We partner with companies who make this country amazing.

Our primary focus is on founder, family or entrepreneur-owned businesses who have built something great through passion, grit and perseverance. These organizations have strong leadership, dedicated personnel and generally provide essential products and services to keep our communities connected and growing.

We are guided by purpose and values, not purely financials.

Evolution was founded upon and continues to operate under the same guiding principles of trust and transparency. While most traditional
PE firms focus solely on equity returns and management fee structures, Evolution is always the largest personal investor behind only our respective institutional partner.

When most private equity firms remain detached, involved only on a quarterly basis yet demand results, Evolution remains involved, always available, and is willing to roll up its sleeves to help where and when possible.

“After decades in private equity, there’s only one organization that I would want to partner with and its Evolution. The integrity and intellect of the team are unrivaled. The creative partnering with management and founders is done with sensitivity, serious thought, discretion, leadership and the humility that it takes to grow, scale and create the best of the best companies. Good to great can occur even in smaller entities, and Evolution is uniquely suited to guide managers to realize their potential”

K. Rick Turner, Advisory Board

We stay engaged and empower leaders to untap true potential.

We consider our portfolio companies as true partners, not simply passive investments. We value and respect the people we work with – from the management teams to all our 3rd party service providers and debt and equity capital partners – and do not believe our involvement is done when the transaction first closes.

We stay engaged and empower the company leaders to untap the true potential of themselves, their team, and the business.

“Our relationship with Evolution is founded on the principles of trust, respect, and appreciation. It is a true partnership and more than just an extensive know-how on financial matters.  They understand that it’s about the people; the dedicated men and women who do the real work on the ground. Evolution constantly demonstrates their ability to roll up their sleeves and unite with us to, not only achieve and fulfill, but go beyond our business goals.”

Manny Gonzalez, CEO, Westco Grounds Maintenance

We welcome you to learn more about our team, our approach and how our partnership can take business to the next level.